Why and How ‘Everything is made in China’

Analyzing the Trend of ‘Made in China’

made-in-chinaEverything now a days are made from China except that food from that local Chinese food stall. So why and how does China make every freaking thing in the world?

If you inspect the label on your iPhone, iPad or other tablet or smartphone, it’s most likely Made in China. These days, “Designed in India” will mean a device has been conceptualized and designed at a brand company’s own premises, but almost always manufactured in a facility in China.

Watch this Very interesting documentary about a manufacturing company in China that is the size of an entire city.

The answer to the question in Title is.

It’s a compilation of labor laws, minimum wage, regulations, and unions that make it impossible for some products to be made here. Because of all of these things, almost everything you find in India is now made in China that does not have problems with any of those things.

China has almost no restrictions; no child labor laws, no minimum wage, less regulation, and a lot more advantages over India. This means they can hire children if they’d like and pay them 15 cents a day. They can hire more employees for cheaper, which means they can continuously produce more and more, allowing them to single-handedly produce enough products to meet the demand in the global market.

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