Meet the Girl Khwaish Parihar who was a Boy once

The Story of Satyajeet from Jodhpur

Meet Khwaish Parihar, a Confident 26-year-old and Happy Girl after the Sex Change Surgery. People call her a transgender, But she is really a beautiful girl, and the reason is she was a woman trapped in a man’s body for all these years. And she stand up alone and broke the body to gain her true identity all by herself. But to achieve all this in her life, she underwent a lot of hardship and struggle to be accepted by the society.

Khwaish was born as a boy and the family named him Satyajeet. Since childhood, Satyajeet was fond of things traditionally associated with girls.
Khwaish parihar4

Apart from being interested in cooking, Satyajeet loved dressing up in feminine attire and danced like girls during family functions.
Khwaish parihar 2

As days passed, he got the attentions of his parents and brother and has no choice of leaving the town. Then he Joined a beauty parlor at Jaipur for a daily salary of Rs. 50 and worked there for 4 years. In 2011, he went to Mumbai and started doing stage shows and performance acts. In those days he met numerous doctors, psychiatrists, and surgeons. After rigorous counseling with experts, the hormonal treatment for sex change started in the early months of 2013 and he underwent an 8 hours long surgery in December the same year. He opted for a new name (Khwaish) for a new beginning.

Becoming a girl opened her several new opportunities. She completed a training program from an Air hostess institute after the operation. She has acted in two TV ads which were featured in DD and Sony Television channels. She also acted in a small budget south Indian film for Balaji Telefilms and aspires to become a popular Bollywood actor -sorry- Actress one day.


Watch her in Video:

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