Foods You’re Eating Wrong the whole time

List of 10 everyday foods we are eating completely wrong

Everyone Love Apple, banana and Sandwiches. But how many of we know that we are eating them the wrong way through out our entire life? Watch this Video explaining us to eat them the right way…

There are common food and meals that can be eaten in a way that makes them quicker to eat maybe less messy or maybe even just tastes better.

No 10: Bananas

People all over the world were eating bananas the wrong way. Instead of opening it from the top of the stem you open it at the bottom. you pitch the other end and it peels away nice and smoothly.

No 9: Sandwiches

How the bread is sort of a square shape but the meat you put on is usually around it just doesn’t add up you end up with a kind of overlap and you’ve got nothing in the corner and it’s just no fun for anyone. It turns out if you cut your circles in half they cover every inch of the bread almost perfectly.

No 8: Apples

According to a video by the guys over at foodbeast the average a politer throws away about thirty percent of their apple but the truth is the core is a lie. yeah it’s apparently omit that you can’t or shouldn’t eat the core of an apple. they actually say the most effective way to eat an apple isn’t on or around the size like some sort of squirrel that’s what I’ve always done. Apparently the best way is to just plow on through it from top to bottom for maximum apple.

No 7: Tic Tacs

The way everyone sits there and shake the packaging like a madman trying to get a tiny tick tack out isn’t the right way to do it. Apparently the guys over at Tic Tac actually built in a little Tic Tac holder. you just put it upside down open up the lid and bam one slots right the place there you go no more shaking the box like a Polaroid picture.

No 6: Cupcakes

And we’ve got the age-old question how on earth are humans supposed to eat cupcakes. that some people go for all the icing on top first and they’re left with a load of sponge below not the best thing in the world the alternative is to try and get your whole mouth around it but then you might end up with icing all over your face and that’s no fun either. You take the bottom of the cup cake off and place it on top to make us all cupcake sandwich Frankenstein. It looks like one of the seven deadly sins, but apparently it will save you a lot of time and mats. You’ll never be able to eat a cupcake the old way again.

No 5: Chicken Wings

It has been claimed that if you remove the cartilage from the wing and give the little bone a twist, it will pop out. then you can do the same with a big bone and in a matter of seconds you’re going to have yourself a chicken wing that is all chicken, no bone apparently.

No 4: Oranges

Videos circulating a while back that showed someone cutting the top and bottom off their orange and then making one cut into the orange itself then they simply roll out like some sort of red carpet too easy eating. But i guess it would have been more than orange car but you get the point. anyway you end up with all the segments spread out nicely there’s no peeling, there’s no mushing, there’s no squirting, it’s like the new way to eat oranges. if orange is the new black then this method is the new way to eat an orange.

No 3: Boiled Eggs

Nobody wants to be sitting around picking up bits of an eggshell, when you’re hungry. there’s a crazy trip though to get around all of that all you have to do apparently, is boil the egg in water mixed with baking soda, peel off and make small holes on either end of the egg, and then blowww. yeah you blow on the egg. The air will pop the egg right out of its shell, well done you just blowed your first egg.

No 2: Strawberries

We’ve covered quite a few different types of fruit on this list, but we haven’t done strawberries yet. Now a lot of you guys my absolutely love strawberries, but perhaps you’re not really a fan of plucking the tiny little leaves off of every single last strawberry. Well, where there’s a straw, there’s a way. that’s right if you arm yourself with a common drinking straw and poke it from the bottom up to the top of the strawberry you will pop the leaves out perfectly. maybe you with one hundred percent pure strawberry goodness. think of it like you’re pushing the strawberries guts out through its head.

No 1: Dental Floss

When you normally slice off food such as cheese or cake, you can often much them with a hard night if you’re using. but if you use dental floss to cut them, you’re not gonna crush anything now I haven’t used this technique myself, yet but i have seen videos online check this one out of people slicing up a cake with floss in a few seconds, it’s that easy I’m pretty sure this is how ninjas cut their birthday cakes.

Source: Top 10 Facts

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