10 Animals Found Living Alive inside People

Video of horrifying Animals found inside human body

Doctors see a lot of strange things in their everyday life. In this video we will go over the strangest and most creepiest 10 Animals Found Alive In People.

Here is our top 10 animals found alive in people”

No 10: 25 baby cockroaches found in man’s Ear

A man from China woke up one night with a very bad ear ache. When he went to the doctor, the doctor found 25 baby cockroaches alive in his Ear. Doctors were able to remove all 25 babies and save his life.

No 9: Fish found in boys lung

Children in MadhyaPradesh in India like to play game with a challenge each other to eat a live fish. And one almost choked a nine centimetres fish that ended up in his lungs while playing this game he couldn’t breathe and was struggling for air. when he was sent to an emergency operation where doctors were able to remove the life fish from his lung.

No 8: Spider found in woman’s ear canal

Woman from China had been complaining that she heard constant scratching all day long and thought she was being punished by evil spirits. Doctors found a small spider in her ear and kept on moving deeper into her ear, but doctors were able to remove it safely from her ear.

No 7: Maggots in man’s head

Aaron Ellis started to get lumps on his head, doctors thought it was just a reaction to insect bites, they will almost right, a butterfly did bite him on the head but what the doctors didn’t realize was that the fly laid eggs in the open wound, then the doctors found 5 maggots under his skin, using tweezes the doctors successfully removed all the maggots.

No 6: Fish found in boys bladder

According to a 14 year old boy from India he was busy cleaning his Fish tank when he needed to go to the toilet with nowhere to put the fish as the fish tank was empty he decided to take the fish with him to the toilet. Now we will leave it to your own imagination to figure out how the fish ended in his bladder, but thankfully doctors were able to remove the fish during a delicate surgical procedure.

No 5: Worm found in man’s Eye

75 year old P.K. KrishnaMurthy went to the doctors with an itchy eye and ended up going for surgery. Doctors found at 12.5 centimeter long worm that found its way into his eye, after small surgery doctors were able to remove the worm from his eye and he made a full recovery.

No 4: Women impregnated with squid babies

A 63 year old Korean women experienced severe pain in her oral cavity immediately after eating a small portion our power boiled squid along with its internal organs. She quickly sped up the food in her mouth, but thought had a prickling sensation in it. when she went to the hospital, they removed dozens more wide pinnacles shared by black organisms undertone and cheeks, yes, the death squads the metaphors were still active and they’ve inseminated the woman.

No 3: Tapeworm found in man’s Intestine

A man from China who left each raw beef has spent two years being examined by different doctors because of stomach pains. The doctors treated him for chronic anemia and stomach ache. Doctors found out he was infected with parasites and after studying his feces and finding tapeworm eggs in the stall. The man was prescribed for tapeworm infection. Two and a half hours later the patient excreted a 20 foot long tapeworm.

No 2: Leech found in women’s nose

Daniela Virani began experiencing nosebleeds while traveling for a month in vietnam. she burst a blood vessel after falling off a motorcycle, she also reduce sentences something out of nothing but figured it was just continued blood, a few days after she returned she looked to examine the inside of her nose and realized that what was inside was no ordinary blood clot, it was a three inch Long leech about as wide as a thump. Doctors at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary were able to pull the meat out.

No 1: EEL found in man’s intestines

59 year old man from China was taken to the hospital complaining of abdominal pain, dehydration and a great deal of anal bleeding. Doctors were mystified as to the cause and obtain permission from his family to undertake an exploratory laparotomy, cutting open his intestines, they discovered a fifty centimeter long Asian swamp Eel lodged in his rectum. His condition quickly worsened, he stayed for 10 days in ICU but eventually died of his injuries.

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