Amazing Street Animal Rescue Videos from India

Collection of Videos of Animals rescued in India

Street animals are sometimes desperate for help because street animals are often not used to human touch, they can be feral and try to bite during the rescue. Watch this Compilation video to find how they rescue street animals in India.

In this video a street dog had gotten herself stuck inside a gate, and although she tried frantically, she was totally unable to get herself free. Neighbors heard her cries but being afraid of dogs they thought she would bite if they tried to get her out themselves, so they called Animal Aid to the rescue.

The next video features a dog fallen in to road tar & unable to move, this amazing rescue saved this dog’s life.

A tiny baby chipmunk fell 20 feet from his little nest. He didn’t seem to be injured, but the nest was perched on an air conditioner attached to a virtually flat wall with no way to climb up. The rescue team could hear his mother’s anguished cries non stop in the background. Luckily, they had plenty of rope…


Finally, a piglet had fallen into a well and was trapped unable to get out or even take a moments break from swimming. Don’t miss this amazing rescue Video.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

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