The only Man in the world who is immune to snake bites

He voluntarily lets Deadliest Snakes Bite Him

Venom ManTim Friede, a 45 year old snake enthusiast from Wisconsin, claims that by taking so many snake bites, he’s making himself immune to snake bites.

In an attempt to build immunity to venom and poisons, he has been injecting himself with diluted venom proteins from some of the deadliest snakes on Earth. He claims that as much as 100 snakes have sank their poisonous fangs into his flesh, including a black mamba which can kill a person in under 20 minutes. Friede can also survive bites from cobras and other deadly serpents.

He believes that by building up immunity to snake poison he can contribute to the development of a new anti-venom which can save 125,000 people who die from snakebite every year worldwide. Tim keeps five of the world’s most deadly snakes at his home in Wisconsin, USA. He said: ‘I have a mojave rattlesnake, water cobras, PNG taipan, black mamba and western diamond back rattlesnake and I can take a bite from all of them.’

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