Insane YouTuber Builds a Homemade HOVERBIKE

Youtuber Colin Furze has just built a homemade Hoverbike with no background in mechanical engineering, or any engineering degree for that matter.

The rambunctious YouTuber left school at the age of 16 to become a plumber before he left his trade when he decided to go full time doing gadget Geeks for Sky. He then created his own YouTube channel where he regularly uploads hilarious videos of himself creating whacked-out inventions including a thermite launcher, a jet-powered bike, the “Jettle” (essentially a jet that heats up a pot of water), an ejector bed, with his newest edition including his Hoverbike.

Colin was recently contacted by ford to “unlearn” everything he knew and put together one of the craziest inventions possible. Collin rose to that challenge and presented the YouTube community the opportunity to suggest what kind of crazy invention he create. Turns out, most people wanted to see him fly. Colin took to the drawing board and devised a device incorporating two engines attached to propellers and mounted on a frame resembling a bike. With some ingenuity and a lot of patience, Colin created the Hoverbike.

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